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Black bumbag CORSIA Rucksack amp; CORSIA Rucksack amp; xYTnHwB

With fearless musical curiosity as the guiding force, Tony Trischka's Territory roams widely through the banjo's creative terrain. Twelve all-Trischka solo tracks explore a panorama of tunings, banjo sounds, and traditions. Nine selections partner Tony with fellow banjoists Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger, Bill Evans, Bill Keith, Bruce Molsky, and other guest artists to tap the creative potential of America's signature musical instrument. 62 minutes, 21 tracks, 32-page booklet, extensive notes, photos.

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Tony Trischka

Track Listing

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Fox Chase Tony Trischka 3:30
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Rucksack CORSIA amp; Black Rucksack bumbag CORSIA amp; 102
Leatherwing Bat Tony Trischka with Pete Seeger & Bruce Molsky 3:32
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Rainbow Yoshi Tony Trischka 2:27
bumbag Rucksack Rucksack amp; CORSIA CORSIA amp; Black
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French Creek/Burning Springs Tony Trischka 3:21
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Rucksack bumbag amp; Rucksack amp; CORSIA Black CORSIA
Zoe Tony Trischka 2:16
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John Henry Medley: John Henry / Bonaparte’s Retreat / Twists and Turns Tony Trischka 3:18
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Trompe de L’Oreille Tony Trischka with Bill Keith & Paula Bradley 2:47
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Hawaii Slide-O Tony Trischka 2:22
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John Cohen’s Blues Tony Trischka 1:47
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Molly and Tenbrooks Tony Trischka 2:46
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Sean Tony Trischka 1:57
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Print Medium Black Canvas Clutch Bambi Givenchy pqgxv8 Tony Trischka 4:03
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Noah Came to Eden amp; Rucksack bumbag CORSIA amp; CORSIA Rucksack Black Tony Trischka with Mike Seeger 4:12
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Eighteen Tony Trischka 1:54
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Celtic Medley: St. Anne’s Reel / Drowsy Maggie / Red Haired Boy / The Blackbird / Red Haired Lass Tony Trischka 3:01
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Salt River Tony Trischka 2:43
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Banjoland Tony Trischka with Bill Evans 3:00
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Old Stone Church Tony Trischka with Bruce Molsky & Paula Bradley 4:30
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Rucksack CORSIA amp; bumbag Black CORSIA Rucksack amp;
amp; amp; Rucksack CORSIA Rucksack Black CORSIA bumbag
Gourd Banza Tony Trischka 1:44
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amp; amp; CORSIA Rucksack CORSIA bumbag Rucksack Black
Medley: Brightshade / Carolina Traveler / /Casey Jones Tony Trischka 3:57
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Lake Flora Tony Trischka 3:29
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Tony Trischka - Producer, Liner Notes
Deborah Miller - Associate Producer
Rucksack amp; amp; Rucksack CORSIA Black CORSIA bumbag
Richard James Burgess - Associate Producer
Michael Daves - Recorder, Mixing Engineer
Pete Reiniger - Recorder, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Aaron Hurwitz - Recorder
Tom Tedesco - Recorder
CORSIA bumbag amp; Black Rucksack Rucksack CORSIA amp;
Russ Martin - Recorder
Ronnie Freeland - Mixing Engineer
Bob Carlin - Liner Notes
Michael Stewart - Photographer
Carla Borden - Editor
Sonya Cohen Cramer - Designer
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Black bumbag CORSIA Rucksack amp; CORSIA Rucksack amp; xYTnHwB Black bumbag CORSIA Rucksack amp; CORSIA Rucksack amp; xYTnHwB Black bumbag CORSIA Rucksack amp; CORSIA Rucksack amp; xYTnHwB