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Accelerated Payment Cost Calculator

What is an Accelerated Payment Option?

Accelerated Payment Options provide two (2) monthly payments (annuities):

    1. A lifetime annuity, and
    2. A temporary (accelerated) annuity that ends at age 62.
      The purpose is to temporarily provide a higher WRS benefit until becoming eligible for your Social Security Retirement benefit at age 62, at which time your WRS annuity decreases. That decrease in benefits at age 62 is permanent. This means, the longer you live after age 62, the more it will “cost” you for the temporary annuity. Essentially, you are buying that temporary benefit from your after-age-62 lifetime benefit.

This calculator will help you determine if an Accelerated Payment Option is right for you. It allows you to enter data from your retirement benefit estimate and calculates your Accelerated Threshold. The Accelerated Threshold is the point at which you begin to lose benefits as a result of choosing an Accelerated Payment Option. It shows a comparison of your REGULAR and ACCELERATED payment amounts and how much more and less you could receive each year, up to age 100.

The calculator also gives you the option to enter estimated benefit increases (annuity adjustments) to illustrate how these adjustments affect your benefit over time. Annuity adjustments are applied to both the temporary and the lifetime annuities. Therefore, the more you receive in benefits before age 62, the more it will cost you (or your named survivor) after age 62.


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